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Elvis plays the Tupelo Fair 1956

Greatest Concerts I never saw

Elvis Presley Mississippi Alabama Fair at Tupelo September 26, 1956 Continue reading

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Changing language at the far canal

Words change their meanings from time to time as we have noted recently with regard to “misogyny”. Gerard Henderson tries to tease from the Editor of the Macquarie Dictionary, Sue Butler, the exact nature of the process; alas, not entirely … Continue reading

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The greatest Australian rock band

My son is losing faith in the Australian-ness of Australian classic rock since he heard Jimmy Barnes speak. Fair point, laddie! And then he started asking tricky questions about other Australian bands. “Well, no, Glasgow isn’t part of Australia.” “In … Continue reading

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The A to Z bookshelf

What do you do with a pair of bookends, A and Z, lower case? We reclaimed a small bookshelf and found a space in the hall for it. This let me clean up some of the over piled books off … Continue reading

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Anonymous vs Shakespeare

What the anti William Shakespeare crew really object to is the idea that a mere provincial bourgeois could have written works which resonate down the ages. It must have been a nobleman they say; a commoner would not have the breadth of education to devise such stories. Continue reading

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Great inventions of the 20th century

In praise of micro inventions – zippers, paperclips, bandaids Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes of rock n roll (on film)

Precursors of rock n roll captured on film – tres magnifique. Continue reading

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