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Darkness at Noon

I always thought I’d read the four inter-war totalitarian novels: Zamyatin’s We, Huxley’s Brave New World, Orwell’s slightly late 1984 and Koestler’s Darkness at Noon back in my Uni days. Turns out I hadn’t read Koestler but rather absorbed the gist of it by osmosis through other sources and through people talking about it. Continue reading

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Myth of Melbourne’s cold July

Just like this year’s “cool summer” in Melbourne people are now bitching about a cold winter. It’s just random variation around a long term Mean, people Continue reading

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Goyder’s Line: C19 responses to “climate change”

On the Margins of the Good Earth: The South Australian Wheat Frontier 1869 – 1884 D W Meinig         1962 It was regarded as a classic in the 1960’s, I read it in the 70’s, and it seems to stand up … Continue reading

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