Sesquicentenary Test 2028 preview

How long will the 150th anniversary Test Match last at the MCG in March 2028? I’m not advance booking tickets for day 4, that’s for sure.
Victoria has one of 6 teams in the Sheffield Shield which is the feeder competition for our Test team and is home to a quarter of the Australian population. Saturday January 12 was scheduled as a 50 over a side competition in Melbourne district cricket. The weather in Melbourne was as good as it gets for playing cricket with mid 20 temperatures, the sun shining and not much wind around. Given this you would expect that the Melbourne District Cricket competition would display some good competitive cricket.
There are 18 teams in the Melbourne competition, which is probably too many given where they are located, but that is a different discussion. On a great day for cricket only 2 of the 9 teams batting first in the leading competition in the state were able to bat out 50 overs. The remaining two teams were 9 wickets down at the end of the 50 overs. The highest score by a team batting first was 217, and that was a losing score. Four of the teams batting first actually won their matches defending scores ranging from 122 to 207.
Given the changing economics of domestic and international cricket and the imperatives of the broadcast media, the increasing emphasis on short form cricket is obviously detracting from the ability to play longer innings in any form of cricket. This is not really news at the level of 4 and 5 day cricket but surely grade level cricketers should be able to bat through a ‘traditional’ 50 over game. That they were unable to do so in Melbourne on a fine day for cricket doesn’t bode well for the future.
In any case, thinking about the sesquicentenary Test, it is likely that that our future Australian captain had his first exposure to live big time cricket at a 20 over game a few years back and currently hero worships David Warner. What odds a big ramp shot during the first hour of the Test?


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