A contribution to the history of rascalry

Vignettes of travel         

By the author of “An Australian Girl”, “The Silent Sea” &c

The Age               7/4/1896

We stopped at Basle for a while where we met the Bs.

They were each one armed with some sort of guide book – each one ignorant of any language save the Australian variety of the English tongue … They have a courier in their employment….

“I know the rascal gets a commission on us wherever we go, so much a head, as if we were horned cattle.” said Mr B., very red in the face with suppressed indignation.

“And that is not the worst,” rejoined his wife; “but instead of protecting us from the hotelkeepers he always advises us to knuckle down to them. A franc and a half for candles we never used, and such bills for dinner. They stick a French name on a bit of wilted cress and charge a shilling for it. It’s just flat robbery.”


But rascalry should never be confused with larrikinism.

Larrikinism in South Richmond

The Age               8/4/1896

Archibald Wilson was arrested on a warrant for alleged assault.

The assault is said to have been committed by a notorious gang known as the “Irishtown push” at whose hands Trecardo and Cousins were severely cut and bruised about the head and face, both being incapacitated for some days. Following the outrage “the push” took off into Balmain street and amused themselves by breaking the windows of unoccupied houses. In addition to the assault the prisoner was charged with riotous behaviour.


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