Match fixing in soccer

This is a timely article in The National, a newspaper from the UAE, discussing Declan Hill’s book The Fix: Soccer and Organised Crime, and providing some detail of the ways in which some South East Asian match fixers have operated at previous World Cups. Look out for the scoring of early goals, goal keepers charging off their line too often and own goals, as these events are more likely to be associated with fixed matches
The reaction of a German soccer league (Bundesliga) lawyer whom Hill tried to pass evidence of match fixing to:
Hill tells him who he is, tells him that the fixers on trial here may also have infiltrated the Bundesliga, and offers to provide information. “The lawyer’s response? He ran away. He disappeared out of the court, past the security scanner, and out the door waving his battered briefcase at me as if to ward off any more knowledge.”
does not inspire great faith in the absolute probity of the World Cup. Although, as Hill comments, a Manchester United-Chelsea match will not be fixed – multi-millionaire players can afford a sense of honour.
Hill’s book has been a best seller in Denmark and Germany but remains unpublished in Great Britain “presumably because of the country’s stern libel laws.”


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